Welcome to GalPaK’s documentation!

GalPaK 3D is a tool to extract Galaxy Parameters and Kinematics from 3-Dimensional data, using reverse deconvolution with the Bayesian analysis procedure Markov Chain Monte Carlo.




If you use GalPak3D in a publication, please cite Bouche et al. 2015 and link to the ACL entry http://www.ascl.net/1501.014 Please also send me a reference to your paper.

Do’s and Don’t

The algorithm should never be used blindly and we stress that one should always
  1. look at the chain using plot_mcmc(),

  2. look at the convergence of the parameters using plot_geweke(),

  3. investigate possible covariance in the parameters using plot_correlations() and/or fix a parameter with the option known_parameters to remove the degenerancy,

(4) adjust the MCMC algorithm with the option random_scale (lower than 1 [default] for higher acceptance rate and vice versa) to ensure an acceptance rate of 30 to 50%. or use the autorun().

Parameters description

A description of the parameters meaning can be found here

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